Hi readers outside from Finland

Hello readers outside from Finland!

This is my personal blog (in Finnish blogi). I’m Finnish woman, aged 40+ and married with three children. My blog name is The Scent of Oranges, In the Shadows of Family Secrets. My blogger name is sunflower forest, in Finnish auringonkukkametsa.

I choose the name for this blog from three books which have impacted me deeply:

I write about the topics of which have happend to me and I’m interested in and I have searched for more information. At this moment my blog writings are about:

  • from alcoholism to divorce
  • from poets to blogging
  • from books to films
  • from miscarriage to caesarean section and breastfeeding
  • from violence in relationships to responsible parenthood
  • from burnout to depression and the world of work
  • from TV programmes to Facebook
  • from a compulsive dependent on the other people to narcissism
  • from holidays to memes
  • from lost persons to memories and childhood
  • and some writings in English

I started to track my blog visitors 10.7.2008 with the visitor information provided via Flagcounter.com.

Here you are from first 13 countries outside Finland:

  1. Thailand in Finnish Thaimaa
  2. Austria in Finnish Itävalta
  3. United Kingdom in Finnish Iso-Britannia
  4. Sweden in Finnish Ruotsi
  5. United States in Finnish Yhdysvallat
  6. India in Finnish Intia
  7. France in Finnish Ranska
  8. European Union in Finnish Euroopan unioni
  9. Germany in Finnish Saksa
  10. Switzerland in Finnish Sveitsi
  11. Chile in Finnish Chile
  12. Italy in Finnish Italia
  13. Belgium in Finnish Belgia.

This blog was started in year 2007 and this page is updated 25.5.2020.


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