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You are 76% Elektra King

From the movie The World Is Not Enough (1999)

What’s your evil nature?

Ajan sirpaleet: Olen harmaa silmälappuinen ukko, jee
Enimmäkseen harmiton: Testituloksia

P.S. Uusin Bond-leffa, Quantum of Solace, on vielä näkemättä./

Newest Bond movie Quantum of Solace is to be seen.

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Olen mukana, oletko sinä?

I’m in. Are you?

Kansainväliset linkitykset köyhyydestä

International links related to poverty

Micah kampanja

Micah Challenge

Mitä yksi henkilö voi tehdä?

What can 1 person do?

Kuukletin ”köyhyys Suomessa” ja tässä tulokset.

I googled ”poverty in Finland” and here are the results.

  • Dialogi on sosiaali- ja terveysalan aikakauslehti, jota julkaisee Stakes.
  • Dialogi is a journal published by the National Research and Development Centre for Welfare and Health (STAKES) in Finland.
    • Köyhyys Suomessa: Suomessa ei ole absoluuttista köyhyyttä, kuten aliravitsemusta, mutta suhteellista köyhyyttä on. Se on yleistynyt tuloerojen kasvaessa. Riski jäädä köyhäksi on suurin työttömillä. Varsin moni lapsiperhe on hyvätuloinen, mutta yksinhuoltajat, suurperheet ja nuoret perheet ovat usein köyhiä.
    • Poverty in Finland: In Finland, there is no absolute poverty, such as malnutrition, but relative poverty. It has generalized increased with income inequalities. The risk to stay poor is the largest for unemployed. Quite a number of families with children are well-paid, but single parents, large families and young families are often poor.
  • Wikipedia – köyhyys
  • Wikipedia – poverty
  • Arkipäivän kokemuksia -kirjoituskilpailu
  • Finnish writings about every day experiencies

HS – International Edition

”Children and the youth are evermore clearly divided into the offspring of the well-off and the poor, claims professor Veli-Matti Ritakallio from the University of Turku.
Poverty in the family can reflect on the child’s future, for example, through the child missing out on upper secondary education simply because the parents cannot afford the textbooks. The children are also divided into groups through their hobbies.
Today, 100,000 Finnish children live below the poverty line. The situation for families dependent on subsistence support has worsened in the past ten years. A person on subsistence support has to get by with 11 euros per day.
”Poverty gnaws at people’s minds day and night”, Ritakallio suggests.

Many of the parents resort to ignoring their own needs in order to provide their offspring with what other children have. Consumption is part of the youth lifestyle, and a child without a mobile phone and fashionable clothes stands out.
The financial situation is usually good for families where both parents work. The most common poverty risk factors are unemployment, studying, a large number of children, and single parenthood.
A family with children can usually cope with one risk factor, but each additional factor makes life more cumbersome, until ”the burden gets so great that the back finally breaks”, Ritakallio summarises.
At present, indebtedness is one of the greatest threats to young families. The poorest people are the single adults living alone. Some of them cannot afford the most basic necessities.

On the European scale the Finnish poverty situation is still relatively good. For example in Portugal and Spain most children live below the poverty line. In Finland only one out of ten children shares the same fate. ”

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Viha – Wrath
Ahneus – Greed
Ylpeys – Pride
Kohtuuttomuus (mässäily) – Gluttony
Himo – Lust
Kateus – Envy
Laiskuus – Sloth

Nämä punaviinilasit perustuvat 7 kuolemansyntiin. Jokainen lasi kiteyttää yhden kuolemansynnin, joka tuodaan ilmi juomarituaalin myötä. 7 kuolemansyntistä lasia ylistävät tunteen paloa ja rohkaisevat käyttäjää olemaan teatraalisella tavalla syntinen. Englannissa käsintehdyt. Rajoitettu painos. Saatavilla tilauksella. Hinta pyynnöstä.

These red wine glasses are based on the 7 deadly sins. Each glass encapsulates a sin, which is revealed through the ritual of drinking. The ‘7 Deadly Glasses’ are about celebrating passion and encouraging the user to be sinful in a theatrical fashion. Handmade in England. Limited Edition. Available to order. Price on Request.

via Deadly Glasses – Kacper Hamilton – Hamilton Design

Edit 12.7.2013: Kuvat poistettu ja linkit korjattu.

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Tetris mokkapalat/keksit, jotka on tehty keltaisella, oranssilla, punaisella, magentalla, turkoosilla, sinisellä, and vihreällä värillä
– Tetris Brownies/Cookies
with colors of yellow, orange, red, magenta, cyan, blue, and green.
via Fraske Designs: How to Make Tetris Brownies (or Tetris Cookies)

Tetrisjääkaappimagneetit – Tetris Fridge Magnets
via Etsy:: lostmitten :: Tetris Magnets – Set of 7 Needlepoint Nintendo Fridge Magnets

Tetriskassi – Tetris Tote Bag
via Etsy :: monkeycraft :: Tetris tote in felt

Tetristilkkupeitto – Tetris Quilt
via Rabbit Style News: Tetris quilt is done, for reals!

Tetrisvideoita – Tetris Videos
via YouTube link

via YouTube link

via YouTube link

via Mikontalolights

Aiempi Tetris-aiheinen blogilinkkini – Earlier Tetris Link in my blog:
100. – Tetris-suihku

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Tässä perheemme DVD kirjasto, joukossa muutama HD DVD elokuva.

Here’s our family’s DVD library with a few HD DVD movies.

Ace Ventura – Pet Detective
Ace Ventura – When Nature Calls
Action Man Robot Attack
Amadeus: The Director’s Cut
American Beauty
Aviator, The
AVP: Alien vs. Predator
Barbababa Around the World
Batman Begins
Billy Elliot
Bodyguard, The
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Bruce Almighty
Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid
Cat On a Hot Tin Roof
Catch Me If You Can
Cell, The
Charlies Angels
Coyote Ugly
Cronicles of Riddick, The
Day After Tomorrow, The
Die Hard
Die Hard 2
Dirty Dancing
Dreamgirls (HD DVD)
English Patient, The
Erin Brockovich
Everybody Loves Mickey Mouse
Fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain, Le
Fantastic Four
FC Venus
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Finding Nemo
Fish Called Wanda, A
Friends Season 1
Friends Season 1
Friends Season 1
Friends Season 10
Friends Season 10
Friends Season 10
Friends Season 2
Friends Season 2
Friends Season 2
Friends Season 3
Friends Season 3
Friends Season 3
Friends Season 4
Friends Season 4
Friends Season 4
Friends Season 5
Friends Season 5
Friends Season 5
Friends Season 6
Friends Season 6
Friends Season 6
Friends Season 7
Friends Season 7
Friends Season 7
Friends Season 8
Friends Season 8
Friends Season 8
Friends Season 9
Friends Season 9
Friends Season 9

Garfield The Movie
Graduate, The
Great Escape, The
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix (HD DVD)
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, The
Hulk (HD DVD)
Ice Age
Ice Age: The Meltdown
Incredibles, The
Kill Bill: Vol. 1
Kill Bill: Vol. 2
Kukkia ja sidontaa
Kummeli – Artisti maksaa 1993-1994 (sininen)
Kummeli – Jumankauta juu, nääs päivää! 1997, 1999-2000(keltainen)
Kummeli – Kyllä lähtee 1991-1993 (punainen)
Kummeli – Onko nyt hjuva fiilis? 2003-2004 (vihreä)

La vita è bella
Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
Lion King, The
Lord of the Rings, The: The Fellowship of the Ring
Lord of the Rings, The: The Return of the King

Lord of the Rings, The: The Two Towers
Lost in Space
Madonna: Drowned World Tour 2001
Madonna: The Ultimate Collection
Matrix (HD DVD)

Matrix Reloaded, The
Matrix Reloaded, The (HD DVD)

Matrix Revolutions, The
Matrix Revolutions, The (HD DVD)

Men In Black II
Mission: Impossible
Mona Lisa Smile
My Best Friend’s Wedding
Notting Hill
Ocean’s Thirteen
Onnen varjot
Pahat pojat
Pingu and the toy shop
Pingu’s balancing act
Pingu’s sledge academy

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
Prestige, The (HD DVD)
Pretty Woman
Pulp Fiction
Risky Business
Rock, The
Schindler’s List
Sen To Chihiro No Kamikakushi
Serenity (HD DVD)
Shaun The Sheep 3
Shaun The Sheep 5

Shawshank Redemption, The
Shrek 2
Sin City
Some Like It Hot
Sound of Music, The
Spider-Man 3
Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace
Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones
Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of The Sith
Star Wars: Episode IV: A New Hope
Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back

Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi
Staying Alive
Stitch! The Movie
Tahdon asia Episodes 1-4
Tahdon asia Episodes 5-8
Tahdon asia Episodes 9-12

The Firm
Thelma & Louise
Three Kings
Tigger Movie, The

To Live and Die in L.A.
Top Gun
Top Secret!
Training Day
Trois couleurs: Blanc
Trois couleurs: Bleu
Trois couleurs: Rouge
Troy (HD DVD)
Walking with Dinosaurs Special: The Ballad of Big Al
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
X-Men 2
You’ve Got Mail
YUP – Helppoa katseltavaa

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Blog Action Day 2008 köyhyys

rekisteröityneet suomalaiset blogit kielenä suomi tai suomi-englanti:
Blog Action Day 2008 Poverty

registrated Finnish blogs with Finnish or Finnish/English language:

Appelsiinin tuoksua
Halo Efekti
Jarin blogi – biologiaa ja maantietoa
kameravene.fi blog
Matti Mattila
Oulu kuvissa
Rakkauden Laineet
Realistisen optimistin juttuja
Tietoukan blogi
Vakavia Ajatuksia – Kuvia ja kirjoituksia
Vallankumouksen hedelmiä

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Note – spoilerwarning! Huom – juonipaljastuksia!

Heroes Season 3 in the U.S. – Heroes 3. tuotantokausi USAssa

Heroes – 3. Season (starting 22.9.2008 in the U.S.) – The Primetime Preview

previously written in Finnish Heroes 3. tuotantokausi

Heroes Season 2 in Finland – Heroes 2. tuotantokausi Suomessa

Heroes – 2. Season Teaser Trailer (starting in December in Finland)

Heroes Season 2 Preview #1

Heroes – 2. Season – Lost Paradise

Heroes Season 2 Generation Trailer Ep 1-11

Alkaa joulukuussa, aika vahvistetaan myöhemmin.

Heroes siirtyy Maikkarilta Subille, uudet 2. kauden jaksot nähdään Subilla joulukuusta alkaen. Kuolematon Claire Bennett (Hayden Panettiere) aloittaa opinnot uudessa koulussa Kaliforniassa, piilossa supersankareita jahtaavalta yhtiöltä. Mutta eräänä päivänä Claire leikkaa pikkuvarpaansa, ja koulutoveri näkee kuinka se kasvaa heti takaisin…

Note – spoilerwarning! Huom – juonipaljastuksia!

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